Starting work this week on a new book about Lifers I have met, what they are like as people, how prison has effected them, all my own observations of course. From a serial killer of young children through to a guy who killed a bookmaker during a robbery, another guy who killed a teenager
in a street brawl and several others, all of who I have had the opportunity of chatting to whilst a guest in one of HM’s prisons.

Does Prison work (BBC Radio Derby)

Radio Derby today discussed whether prison works. Not a simple question but the simple answer is no. Imprisonment has just one benefit and that is that whilst an offnder is actually in custody society in general is given protecion from re offending and any related dangers. Prison does not deter, and it definitely does not rehabilitate.

The Book

Life of Sentences is my autobiography which talks of my early life but inevitably describes my various times as a guest in one or another of her majesty’s prisons. Features a totally new look at pridon life in the latter part of the twentieth century and tells of periods in prisons in Lincoln, Durham, Stafford, Ashwell, Featherstone and Sudbury.  Not a sad story, some great memories and some amusing anecdotes.  Due for publication later this year, watch this space for details. Contracts all signed just waiting now. Look for regular progress reports.


Welcome to my new blog especially for those with an interest in anything connected with penal affairs.  Of interest to cons, ex offenders and those working within the penal or criminal justice systems, hopefully offering help and supprt to anyone who needs it.

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