The developer of the Bluewater Shopping Centre has been awarded a £151m contract to build o new Super prion for 2000 inmates.
Is there anywhere else we need to look to illustrate how totally chaotic the justice department is. No doubt the contract to run it will be awarded to one of the companies which have already demonstrated that they are totally incapable of running any facility for any purpose other than profit.
Rehabilitation doesn’t matter, punishment doesn’t matter, prevention doesn’t matter, all that does matter is profit.
I’ll wager that Chris Grayling and his lackies will no be on the frontline when one of his superprisons implodes!!!!!!


Yery despondent about the strength of opposition to probation sell off. Would love to see and hear of strong campaigning to prevent what would be a major blow to the criminal justice system.
As an ex client of the probation service wo has not always seen eye to eye with what has happened in my own life experience I can nevertheless see very clearly the need to keep the service in the public sector where it exist as part of a caring society rather than yet another cash cow for investors.
Please, please, those who matter especially those in the probation service who believe strongly about this get yor act together and organise strong national resistence befoeit is too late and your caring service is lost forever to the profitmongers.


The recent numbers of absconds from various open prisons come as no surprise at all to me. I’ve said for many years that in many cases the allocation procedues are based on totally wrong criteria, based as it is on only the need to reduce the secure prison population rather than on any altruistic rehabilitative reasoning. Yet another example of a prison system which is in total chaos.
Prison populations have never been higher and will continue to grow whilever the Justice Department try and simply sweep the problem under the carpet. The whole penal system needs a radical overhaul. For many years now any efforts to improve or change have been made on a piecemeal basis with no realoverall strategy.
Privatisation hasn’t helped, in fact it has made things worse. There is no longer any priority given to addressing the rehabilitative aspect of prison, nor is prisone in all honesty punitive, the whole system lacks direction and every decision is based purely on cost and finance. All very shortsighted, surely it isn’t rocket science to know that if an offender can be diverted from future offending the benefits wil be truly astounding in every way, not only in terms of obvious costs but also hidden costs and great benefits for society in general.
And now, to add insult to injury,the government are talking about privatising the probation service, what a fiasco that is going to be – but does that count, all that really counts is that further expensive contracts will be awarded to companies run by Tory supporting boards.
WAKE UP BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just another thin end to an ever widening wedge. We must try and prevent any further privatisations, business and caring are totally divorced. At one time Great Britain was known throughout the world for the way it looked after its people, but no longer. All the government is interested in is cost. Okay, so we had national debt when Labour were in power but surely if that is to be the price we have to pay to care for those less able for whatever reason to look after themselves then so be it.
No one will ever convince me that profit is more important than people. I am an ex offender so can see things from the other side and take it from me, a privatised probation service will not work. I think Serco and G4S have already demonstrated very clearly how proficient they are in supposedly caring for people and don’t forget ATOS, singularly responsible for more poverty and deprivation than any other organisation in the past few centuries and all because the government of the day wanted to make extra profits for their cronies.
Business is business, welfare is welfar and never the two shall meet.


When will Chris Grayling learn, prison privatisation has failed miserably, railway privatisation has failed miserably and now he’s proposing to privatise the probation service.
All this government are interested in is lining the pockets of their supporters on the boards of these contractors.
When will they learn, profits can never replace vocation. As with all the caring services probation officers join the service because they want to contribute something positive to society, not because they want to make a profit.
The prison system is in chaos, facing total meltdown and the probation service will end up going the same way. It’s about time the voters ofthis country woke up and realised what is happening all around them.
Over the past three years GEORGE osborne has blamed the mess labour left for all the cutbacks, that old chestnut is wearing thin, the truth is that this government doesn’t give a hoot about the people, they are only interested in building the wealth base for the old Etonian boys club millionaires. WAKE UP BRITAIN WE ARE RACING HEADFIRST BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGES WHEN WEALTH WAS THE RIGHT OF THE FEW.
There has to be change, and it won’t come whilst we ordinary plebs sit back and let things carry on.


Once again the papers and broadcast media are full of prison related stories. Driving lessons for cons, absconding, day release criteria et al et al. On and on it goes reminds me of the song Windmill in my mind! How long is it going to be before the whole penal system implodes? It certainly isn’t going to be in the too distant future, the whole system is just not fit for purpose.
Watch this space for discussion on what is needed and where we should be going from here.


I read that the prison officers are up in arms at the Justice Department because of their slow approach to banning smoking in prisons. On the one hand I can understand where they are coming from, it is their place of work and they are as entitled as anyone else to be protected from passive smoke.
The reality though is that the prison is home to the prisoner and in banning smoking one of the last remaining privileges a prisoner has wil be removed coincidentally also removing one of the’carrots’ which keep a lid on the prisons.
Surely it wouldn’t be rocket science to ban smoking in communal areas but allowing the guys to continue smoking in their own cells. As usual though the Justice Department have to create kneejerk reactions without thinking them through.
I am inclined to agree with those who project that a smoking ban will indeed create much unrest, nothing is more certain and yet the Justice Department will blunder blindly forward.