Just another thin end to an ever widening wedge. We must try and prevent any further privatisations, business and caring are totally divorced. At one time Great Britain was known throughout the world for the way it looked after its people, but no longer. All the government is interested in is cost. Okay, so we had national debt when Labour were in power but surely if that is to be the price we have to pay to care for those less able for whatever reason to look after themselves then so be it.
No one will ever convince me that profit is more important than people. I am an ex offender so can see things from the other side and take it from me, a privatised probation service will not work. I think Serco and G4S have already demonstrated very clearly how proficient they are in supposedly caring for people and don’t forget ATOS, singularly responsible for more poverty and deprivation than any other organisation in the past few centuries and all because the government of the day wanted to make extra profits for their cronies.
Business is business, welfare is welfar and never the two shall meet.

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