The recent numbers of absconds from various open prisons come as no surprise at all to me. I’ve said for many years that in many cases the allocation procedues are based on totally wrong criteria, based as it is on only the need to reduce the secure prison population rather than on any altruistic rehabilitative reasoning. Yet another example of a prison system which is in total chaos.
Prison populations have never been higher and will continue to grow whilever the Justice Department try and simply sweep the problem under the carpet. The whole penal system needs a radical overhaul. For many years now any efforts to improve or change have been made on a piecemeal basis with no realoverall strategy.
Privatisation hasn’t helped, in fact it has made things worse. There is no longer any priority given to addressing the rehabilitative aspect of prison, nor is prisone in all honesty punitive, the whole system lacks direction and every decision is based purely on cost and finance. All very shortsighted, surely it isn’t rocket science to know that if an offender can be diverted from future offending the benefits wil be truly astounding in every way, not only in terms of obvious costs but also hidden costs and great benefits for society in general.
And now, to add insult to injury,the government are talking about privatising the probation service, what a fiasco that is going to be – but does that count, all that really counts is that further expensive contracts will be awarded to companies run by Tory supporting boards.
WAKE UP BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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