The BBC claims to have seen Justice Department documents ordering already crowded and overcrowded prisons to createmore spaces over the next two months. Apparently 40 prisons have been told to find another 440 places. Some of the prisons on the list are already overcrowded and amogst those listed are Lincoln and Leicester.


As Del boy would have said, what a plonker!!!
Why does Grayling not listen to any of the professionals, he just blunders forward with his crazy privatisation plans making more profits for ‘experienced’ companies like G4S and Serco. Probation has been destroyed and now he is building new super prisons which will no doubt be contracted out yet again to the private sector. What a mess he is creating for the next Labour Government, whether next ime round or the time after!
What is needed are not more crime factories but a government who will care about its people and work on the causes of crime not shut the stable door after the horses have bolted!!
Whilst Cameron and his crtonies become richer and richer the poor of this country are getting more and more desperate and more widespread. Do they care? No, they don’t, the government has gone with a few exceptions from being a group of dedicated people serving their constituents for genuine altruistic reasons to an upper class club whose sole intention is to feather their own nests!!
Wake up Britain, we can’t afford to sit back and let this happen.


Yet another Chris Grayling initiative which is going to fail miserably. I refer to the new Young Offenders Crime Factory, I mean institution, planned for Leicester.
Where is the justice department? Head in the clouds, ideas straight from cloud cuckoo land. When are they going to learn? How many riots can the country take before they wake up?
Just building larger and larger establishments will totally destroy the penal system.
Back in my earlier days as an inmate I could always see the benefits of smaller, well run local establishments where staff and inmates had much more of a rapport than in the larger units.
I have tried to get figures from the Justice Department with reference to re-offending rates but according to that department they are not available. I would more than confidentally state that the rate of re offending from Inmates at Shrewsbury Prison are far smaller than the rates for Strangeways or Walton.
Sadly Chris Grayling seems to be adopting two policies. Firstly privatise as much of the system as is possible and secondly sweep the problems under the carpet by putting more and more offenders in these new so called superprisons.
When oh when are the government going to address the causes of criminal activity instead of just locking people up.
Of course they aren’t or they wouldn’t be privatising probation.
I can recall when the prison population first reached 50,000, not that long ago. Now it’s rapidly heading towards 90,000, wher will it end?