This post will probably make me very unpopular in certain quarters but what I say is based on common sense and objectiity. It is in no way based on any political grounds.
I refer to the ongoing debate about prisoners having the rights to vote.
As an ex prisoner with a number of sentences under my belt I have to declare that I am totally against such a measure.
Purely for practical reaons as it would be unworkable within all but very few open prisons and which constituency would the prisoner vote in? Would it be the constituency in which the prison is based or the one he /she is usually domiciled in?
It is just not a workable proposition. I wonder if those who are campaigning for it to be allowed have even bothered to think this through or is it just another negative way of attacking the system.
ANOTHER ARGUMENT i would make is that prisoners should not be allowed to commence procedings in the civil courts unless it is for something to do with health and safety or their treatmen. They certainly shouldn’t be allowed to sue the authorities for example if a parcel goes astray especially when such proceedings are funded by legal aid.
At the end of the day in the majority of cases we find ourselves in prison as a result of our own actions and we must accept that, the authorities didn’t put us there, we did.

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