Reports this week of more absconds from HMP Sudbury.
As someone who has served several sentences including a couple of periods at Sudbury, I am not in the least surprised by the latest absconds and I predict that before the end of the year there will be a great many more and numerous incidents of violence throughout the whole prison estate.
Put very simply the system is just not fit for purpose. It is at bursting point and nothing is being done to address the situation. Whilever the government continues with its negative policies towards prisons the situation will continue to head deeper and deeper in to crisis.
Building giant super prisons is not the answer and then letting them out to the private sector to line the pockets of tory supporters will make the situation even more grave.
Private prisons do not work, they are merely holding pens for the ever increasing prison population. Very little rehab work is being done and prisoners are being churned out dailyin a worsesituation than they were at before they were incarcerated.
And also being released to be cared for and supevised in the community by a broken probation service also destroyed so that the private sector can again benefit financially.
Grayling and MoJ have so much to answer for. The damage they are doing now will take years to repair if ever it can be done.

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