Here we go again, yet another ex politician in prison for a few weeks coming out and slating the prison system in every way possible in his PRISON DIARIES.
It really is amazing that in such a short time, and with such a limited experience that the author feels qualified to spout forth about such a wide and complex subject.
We all know the prison system is in crisis and that it is reaching the point where it will implode but it isn’t wild sensationalist theories which are needed to put things right. Rather a sensible measured approach addressing all the problems in a realistic and positive way.
Rather than, as Macshane does, referring to the other inmates as them as if they were some kind of aliens. Why do these people, and former politicians are the worst of the lot, find it hard to understand that they to are prisoners, there is no difference whatsoever between them and any other prisoner and yet they cling to the belief that they are somehow different.
And does Macshane not remember he was an MP during the perio when the prison system has been allowed to deteriorate as it has.
Prisoners, all prisoners, without exception are human beings, part of the human race, they may have broken society’s rules in some way or other but they are still people and must be treated as such, as individuals who as well as deserving punishment also need help to rehabilitate and try to become a better person in the future.

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