I have alway been aware that a not inconsiderqable number of people in our prison system aat any one time are there as a result of miscarriages of justice. People who have had no dealings withe the law and order system won’t accept this but it is a fact. I personally have met a number of men during my times inside who shouldn’t be there.
Of course the system turns a blind ee, most conveniently, to anything which if investigated might show them up as being less than perfect but the fact still remains that these cases do exist ad in a far larger proportion than society accepts.
I am now very concerned that the Ministry of Justice and its Feuhrer Chris Grayling will have greatly injcreased these numbers by the decimation of the Probation Service removing one of the safety nets for people who find themselves in this situation.
So we are left with a toothless IPPC who are uneder resouced to the point of being unfit for purpose and a legal systemwhich is kust about as corrupt as it can be from top to bottom. Ad into the mix a police service which actsas judge jury and executioner and we are left with a crminal legal system which is neither fair, honest or impartial. No wonder the prison population is going through the roof!!!

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