Nick (Mr U turn) Clegg has announced in the Lib Dem manifesto that drug users shouldn’t be imprisoned for drugs possession. So what’s new, ah, an election just around he corner, time to promote unpopular policies in the hope of scoring headlines which equal extra political points!!
That apart though it is very much about time that the law was changed to ensure that those convicted of possessing drugs, even class A, for their own use should not be imprisoned rather given treatment for their addiction. After all people have never been sent to prison for being drunk.
The problem though is that very few prison sentences are actually given for possession alone. It is usually the case that offences are committed whilst under the influence (of either drink or drugs) and if imprisonment is justified for those offences theaddiction, whilst it clearly should be taken as a mitigating factor, should never be allowed to be used as an excuse.
The broad principle is right but before implementation there has to be a great deal of research and management.
We must always remember too that apart from in very rare cases no one is forced to take drugs. That is a choice they have made and they have to have some responsibility for that deciision.

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