We are constantly bombarded with the statisics for prison suicides and rightly so.
However a constant stream of statistics really doesn’t achieve anything. Yes, we need to know but we would be much better off trying to have some positive effect in bringing the numbers down. I have worked in the past for some time as a Listener so have first hand knowledge of suicides in prison.Full details will be found in my new book A LIFE OF SENTENCES due out later this year.
To summarise it is wrong to blame the prison system per se for what is happening. Of course in individual cases there may have been failings and negligence but it is totally nonsensical to blame the system. It seems to me that too many individual and organisations do nothing but criticise, much of the time for criticism sake. What we all need to do is work together to come up with positive ideas to address the problem.
We all know there is a great deal wrong with the prison system as it is today but we won’t achieve anything by constantly making negative comments about it.
There are things that can be doe but it will take strong campaigning and action not constantly trying to score semi political points by being the media face of prison change.

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