Alan had actually approached meto ask if I might be interested in becoming the Chapel Orderly in the prison chapel.I was undecided at first but having taken counsel from a couple of prison officers I’d accepted the job, pointing out that although I had a strong personal faith I was in now way a Christian.
I actually started the job on 4th November and was very quickly impressed by the warmth of the chaplaincy team. The more I got into the job the more I felt I was part of a team doing a very important job.I also found myself very impressed by the warmth and obvious happiness of the many Christian visitors who attended the chapel from the outside community and their apparent sincerity.
But then the doors opened, not the cell doors but the doors f my mind. There was no blinding flash of light, no fanfare of trumpets, no vision of angels or anything like that. I simply lounged on my bed and I heard myself talking to the Boss, that’s what I called my God until then, and to be honest still do sometimes.I heard myself saying “okay, I’m not going to fight any longer. I am yours, from this point I give myself totally to you and from now on I am going to trust you completely. I’m in your hands, use me.”
And that was it, almost immediatly I experienced such an overpowering feeling of love and peace, so much power that I could feel it radiating deep from my inner self engulfing me totally. I have no doubt whatsoever that the power of the Holy Spirit was ll pervading. My command of the English language isn’t sufficient for me to actually describethe feeling I experienced, perhaps the nearest i could come to iti to saythat it felt as if a warm, luxuriant air ws flowing through every part of my body. I didn’t just tingle, I buzzed!

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