Such a lot being wasted, fantastic resource available at no cost which could have significant effects on re-offending etc..
Such a simple idea too, would need careful management but what results could be possible.
I am still in touch with a guy I mentored in 1991. He got in touch when he saw my new (at the time) Twitter account to tell me he had managed to stay out of trouble and all is well in his life and thanking me for my help in guiding him to sorting himself out.
Prisoners should be helped and encouraged to mentor fellow prisoners whilst inside, such a simple idea but with fantastic potential.
Obviously would need to be carefully managed but that is hardly rocket science.
Attitudes must change with regard to offenders and ex offenders using their experience to help and mentor others in the same situation.
In 1996 on leaving prison I started a voluntary group helping other ex offenders. I had lots of encouragment from individuals and some churches and in particular the Salvation Army at local level.
The problem I had was with the probation service and NACRO who did everything they could to prevent me operating. The Probation Service madethe fcomment in the local press that what I was doing wasn’t needed and that they were quite capable of providing the necessar service. Plus and I found this astonishing, a probation supported NACRO scheme actually stated that I had ‘stolen’ some of their best clients. The mind boggles!!!

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