When oh when are society going to wake up and see what is happening not only in the prison system but in all the social services. At the Tory conference this week yet again the Chancellor is stating his intentions to destroy our onceworld envied welfare state. I don’t see anywhere where he plans to tax all these private contractors who are gradually taking over all our public services with one motive and one motive alone, increased profits.
Wlfare services, any welfare services mustalways put people before profits which is why privatisation doesn’t work and never will.
Andjust one other point, I see from the papers that White Dee from Channel $ Benefits Street has been speaking at the Tory conference and calling for benefits to be lowered. Have you ever seen or heard anything more hypocritical? This woman is doing more harm to the country which carried her for so long before she became famous it defies belief. Then again, it is the Tory conference, I dont suppose we can expect anything else.

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