Over the past few days headlines have been circulated on the net accrediting me with saying that prison isn’t as terrible as we are led to believe. That is very much an over simplification and I’d like to take this opportunity to set the records straight.
What I actually said was that the negative experience of prison can be turned into a positive experience with the right level of positive thinking and action.
From a purely physical point of view of course prison is terrible, to be cooped up in a small cell for up to 23 hours a day cannot be justified at all and a great number of our older prisons could acureatly be described as very unpleasant as can the routines in many of them but as with so many things in life things are what you make them. You don’t have to live in a dirty cell, you can clean what is around you. You can take part in activities of various kinds to improve you own situation. You can keep yourself clean and tidy. It might seem obvious but there are ways of self improving despite Chris Grayling stopping books in prison and all his other wonderful non practical restrictions.
Those in the community who have no experience of what it’s like in prison form their opinions based on what they see on tv. That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that most prisons we see are from the US and there is no similarity whatsoever (although if Grayling and his profit motivated chronies have their way things could move in that direction very quickly).

3 thoughts on “PRISON NOT SO TERRIBLE”

  1. prison can be hell…and it was for me in my younger years….i spent 21 solid years within different prisons in england…and it can be a mind thing for many prisoners…i feel for those who are serving draconian prison sentences……with little or no hope….prison can be horrific for many if not most prisoners…and their families…there is nothing easy about prisons….i would like to meet some of these newspaper and media people in general , who make out prison is easy….but they wouldn’t like to meet me…..

  2. Yes, the System is now beginning to copy the americans…….this will lead to extreme violence and revenge, within and without prisons…’s sad, that privatization will lead to such extremes….smaller prisons would be the answer…but they don’t want to listen……at the moment, the Prison System is ‘suicidal’……….

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