In my book A LIFE OF SENTENCES publsihed recently by Olympia Publishers I cite many examples of financial waste by Pison Industries.
Foremost amongst these occurred when I was serving a sentence at Ashwell. The powers that be decided to set up a storekeeping course. Having spent £50,000 on a high tech fork lift they then appointed two men to run the course.
At this stage for whatever reason those same powers that be decided to pull the plug on the course. Howeverthe two men who were supposed to be running it were on contract and couldn’t be removed.
The result was that for just over two years both men attended the prison daily and simply sat around doing nothing other than making tea and for that onerous task hey were paid full time top level salaries. The above is a statement of fact. This and many more similar wastages are amongst the strange facts about the prison system detailed in the book which is available from all good book shops or online from the publishers at price 8.99. It is also available from Amazon.

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