Just heard yet another damning repot is due out tomorrow, this time its Hewell Grange in the West Midlands and already the campaigners are spouting about it and how they are doing media interviews about it. That is not what is needed, all the talk and conferences in the world will achieve nothing other than highlight the various campaigning groups. What is needed is for all you individul groups to pay less attention to empire building and your own agendas and start working together to come up with a course of action.
Some hope though, as an ex prisoner back in the early nineties I tried to launch a small group to support prisoners and ex prisoners. This was based on years in custody when I had constantly helped and mentored my fellow inmates and that is a matter of public record.
All I met were obstructions and abuse.
The local probation service at the time (Lincolnshire) went on record in the local newspaper the Lincolnshire Echo stating that I was doing what I was for my own glorification and that there was no need for any support, the probation service could manage quite well thank you.
At the same time I was involved in some civil proceedings, totally unrelated, (which I won) and as part of the case in a statement I was accused by NACRO of stealing one of their best clients, I ask you how can anyone steal a client? And I can obtain documentary proof of all I have just said.
Really just examples of what is wrong with these groups, they want to ‘own’clients rather than doing what is the best for them.
They must get rid of this empire building mentality and work together if they are going to achieve anything.
I am also tired of reading reports of some of the leaders of these groups spouting forth about prisons when the only time they have seen inside a prison is as a visitor and visitors don’t see the reality.
My book A Life of Sentences which is out now and tells the truth about what it is like, really like, in prison. It is available now from the publisher or from price 8.99. Has a 5 star reader review which says he would recommend that every resident in the penal system in the UK should be made to read it and he is a former magistrate!!

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