We all know that MoJ just don’t listen to common sense nor to anyone other than the Tory beneficiaries of penal affairs contracts but surely even they must acknowledge the sheer stupidity of this latest fantasy project.
Anyone with an ounce of intelligence must realise that the most vital element of any rehabilitative programme is to get the offender to relate to some form of mentor. Young children in particular need an anchor and this just can’t happen in a giant offender factory.
What is really needed are small localised units whre everyone knows everyone else and where a common trust can develop. Children need to see the same faces everyday to help them feel secure and cared for, this cannot ever happen in giant offender factories.
This proposed new establishment will lead to a very sharp increase in suicides and self harm a legacy which we, as a civilised society should be ashamed of.
Stats from the existing YOI at Glen Parva already show this is the case, why are MoJ so blind and out of touch, Failing Grayling must go, Andrew Selous must go, David Cameron must go, Theresa May must go. Only then maybe some common sense will prevail but we, as a society, have to show our feelings instead of sitting back and letting this happen.

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