What a damp squib! Not one really searching question throughout the whole proceedings and answers from Failing which belong in a comic book and certainly not in a Parliamentary Committee. When and where is this farce which is MoJ going to end. Let’s hope that after the election next year Labour appoint a Justice Minister who doesn’t wander around in rose coloured glasses.
I’m getting really tired of constantly banging on about all the problems in the prison system but what else can we do when nothing is being done where it should be (MoJ) not only to put things right but even to acknowledge what is happening in the first place.
In all areas of rehabilitation we are told that the first step is to acknowledge that we have a problem, MoJ and its cronies won’t even do that.
Grayling states there is no problem with suicides in prison and they can all be easily explained away. Try telling that to the families who have lost loved ones in such tragic circulatances, and sure as night follows day the incidence of such tragedies will increase drastically if something doesn’t happen to stop MoJ/Grayling/Selous in their tracks.
Giant superprisons don’t work, have never worked and will never work and said centre for children and young people even more so.
As I’ve said so many times, prisoners are people, individuals who need treating as such and until we learn to care for everyone no matter who they are or what they’ve done nothing will change.
People must be put before profits in all aspects of social care.

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