Bring back borstal ITV

What an absolute load of rubbish. I have never seen a television programme more inaccurate than this ITV so called documentary.
Nothing about the programme was factually correct, and I mean nothing.
I accept that there has to be a certain amount of artistic licence but this programme was beyond the pale. I served a borstal sentence in the early 1960s and even then the depiction as shown in this work of fiction was totally inaccurate.
The programme makers claim the programme to be an accurate description of life in a 1930s borstal.
No, no, no, no, no!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all ‘boys’ in their twenties are featured, boys over 21 were never sentenced to borstal training.
The ‘inmates’ in the programme are addressed by staff as Mr whatever. Inmates were only ever addressed by their surnames. Staff were always addressed as Sir, it was an offence against discipline to address them otherwise.
There was constant drill, drill and more drill.
This programme absolutely defies belief and for it to be led by an academic and so called expert truly is a joke.

4 thoughts on “Bring back borstal ITV”

  1. Yes, an absolute nonsense……..true i was in Borstals the mid to late 60’s …..but borstal would have been draconian in the 30’s…..agree with all you have said………..even in the 60’s Rochester borstal could and was brutal…….bread and water punishments were regular…..and beatings down in the punishment block…(part of the old Rochester Prison…which also had been the Execution block…which guards regularly reminded young borstal boys of the fact of how many prisoners had bee killed by the State….i escaped twice from Rochester and eventually on capture was sent to Reading Punishment borstal…..which was more brutal than any Prison in England…..guards had a licence to brutalise young boys..from 15 years old to 21 years old……..a News of the World exposure…..brought Reading to a close…..i was there in 1968 when it was shut down after a court case….the usual home office cover up was used…….borstals were a failure……and was used as a punishment………a brutal one that were Hate Factories………….that were Academies for crime…….the tv programme was a waste of time and a nonsense…..government propaganda……

  2. i agree with other comments. i was in there in late 59. hollesley bay suffolk. very regimental. like army. i learnt a lot, you was ok if you done what you was told. no laying about. you marched every where. out of bed 6am go running then cold shower. i spent 2 years 6 months. you worked for your money.they want you to take part in sport. i enjoyed the sport.i spent a month in wormwood scubs waiting to be selected a location.when i was released i just missed national service.that was lucky for was harder for me because i am of mixed race. when first ther you marched to a field then dug up leeks.all day rain or put me off of leeks for live. i did learn a carpentry course and got second class pass.if you wanted to learn something you could. it was up to you.

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