Where do I start? Every week to programme becomes more and more fictional.
And the guy who is acting as The Governor just defy’s belief. When setting this programme up he must have been aware that no one was ever sent to borstal who had previously served a prison sentence.
It doesn’t take a genius to know that a boy in his late teens who has never been inside previously has a totally different attitude and personality to the men in their twenties who have served prison sentences. Surely the researchers should know that!!
A leading criminologist (ITV describes him as such) must know that unless he’s simply read books and formed the totally wrong impression of people.
Borstal boys did not, and were scared to, have the attitudes that the programme’s boys have. They are all so laughable it is making a mockery of the whole point of the programme.
And no Professor Wilson not all borstals worked on the house system, most didn’t and last evening you stated that borstals weren’t involved with the community, wrong again, many open borstals were indeed heavily involved in community activities. I remember at Hatfield being asked one late evening together with another dozen or so boys if we would help South Yorkshire Police remove a load of timber from the site of a crashed HGV.
This programme is so factually inaccurate the it is misleading and certainly doesn’t encourage anyone to support bringing back borstal.
From day one borstal was an abject failure, the re offending rates were huge and the operating costs prohibitive.
The Borstal system closed because it was not fit for purpose, pure and simple.
Young Offender Institutions need to go the same way because nor are they fit for purpose in their currect form.


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