We all know how accurate Graylings statement that there is no crisis within the system is so it’s very hard to understand all the individual reports which appear in the media on an almost daily basis of violence, drugs abuse et al.
In fact the reality is that the crisis is being caused not by Grayling but by George Osborne with his swingeing cuts to the prisons budget along with everything else. Grayling simply is incapable of managing the prisons with these reduced fundings.
Plus of course where he should be spending time on managing the not fit for urpose system he in fact spends most of his time trying to develop contracts for G4S and Serco and companies like them thereby as ever putting profits before people. Obviously that is the Tory mantra which is why it is so important that they don’t succeed next May.
The prison system needs a radical overhaul top to bottom. Firstly ALL privatised establishments must be taken back into the puiblic domain. They don’t work and never will simply because their motivation is wrong, once again profits before people, that is just morally wrong and can never be justified.
Secondly there must be no more superprison complexes built. They have also been proven not to work, a prisoner is not a commodity to be stored in a warehouse. He/she is a person, an individual, a son or a daughter, a member of a family, whatever has caused them to be in custody cannot change that fact and to make any inroads into the prison population the problems of the individual must be addressed, not compartmented and forgotten.
Of course the greatest reduction in the prison population will need to be made outside of the system, making better assessments of what has caused the offending in the first place and doing something about it. Meantime for the sake of the whole of society we alll have to be more caring and at least try to show more understanding.

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