I honestly believe that The Christian Community could play such an important part in prison reform. In my book A LIFE OF SENTENCES I tell how being involved with the Chaplaincy in Lincoln Prison helped me to find a new sense of peace and direction and come to a realisation of what had been driving me for a good many years.
There wasn’t a lot pf preaching other than the usual church services but there was great amount of unconditional love and acceptance and to someone who had a criminal past like my own it meant so very much and encouraged me to look at life with a far more open and unrestricted view.
The reality is that if we all applied true Christian principles to those we come to know as offenders both they and we will benefit greatly.
There is a great deal of misunderstanding in my view about what it means to be a good Christian and much of that is down to the doctrine of the church who for some reason seem to want to convince us that it is a restrictive club. It isn’t and whoever you are you are welcome on my Christian Community.
I have been let down many times by the church but that is about the weakness of the church, not of Christianity and faith.

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