Gove, an up date, prison reform update

Anyone who had hoped for a different result in May’s election will be highly disappointed, a disappointment compounded when Gove was appointed the new justice secretary. It says a lot about Cameron when he chooses someone who failed so miserably at education to head up Justice. Does that not show exactly how important he, Cameron, rates Justice.
I suppose with less than a month in post it would be unfair to judge the new Justice Secretary but one thing is for sure and that is that the relentless march to privatisation will go ever onward, despite the total failure of the privatisation of the probation service.
It’s hard to comment about nothing but so far thatis all thsat has come out of MoJ, a big fat void, I suppose it is a case of wait and see but meantime what rot is setting in?
The penal system cannot be left to fester what is needed is total radical reform from top to bottom looking at the system in its entirety not just piecemeal sections. Someone has to say what its purpose is and once that question is answered the Government of the day need to make it fit for purpose which it cetainly isn’t at present.
Dave Hardwick, Author of A LIFE OF SENTENCESavailable now from Olympia Publishers or or all good book shops