I read that the prison officers are up in arms at the Justice Department because of their slow approach to banning smoking in prisons. On the one hand I can understand where they are coming from, it is their place of work and they are as entitled as anyone else to be protected from passive smoke.
The reality though is that the prison is home to the prisoner and in banning smoking one of the last remaining privileges a prisoner has wil be removed coincidentally also removing one of the’carrots’ which keep a lid on the prisons.
Surely it wouldn’t be rocket science to ban smoking in communal areas but allowing the guys to continue smoking in their own cells. As usual though the Justice Department have to create kneejerk reactions without thinking them through.
I am inclined to agree with those who project that a smoking ban will indeed create much unrest, nothing is more certain and yet the Justice Department will blunder blindly forward.


Great news, I have received a draft of the cover of the new book, looks really great, looking forward now to draft proofs of the book itself.


I would be very interested to hear from any cons or excons who would be repared to share their experiences of the penal/criminal justice system for a new research project. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT INTHE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.


In 1986 I wrote a book on Aftercare, a resources guide for discharged prisoners. I would now be very interested to hear from anyone working in the aftercare sector with details of what is now available. I would also be very interested to hear from any recently released prisoners about their own experiences.


Should be getting production schedule this week from my publishers, looking for ward to that.
Some hilarious events covered in the book plus lots of details of time spent in Lincoln, Durham, Stafford, Ashwell and Featherstone nicks. To receive an email when book is published please send your email address using the contact form below.


POA members at Nottingham Prison are blaming cutbacks for sharp rise in discipline breaches at the prison.
Nottingham has the largest number of incidents of any prison in the East Midlands.
Writing an article about the prison system for a national newspaper last year I predicted a large amount of unrest for this summer and I still think this is very much on the cards.

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